Taghaghien offers refined comfort in an Eco-Friendly setting. Extraordinary natural beauty and innovative functional and sustainable designs unite on this stunning private island. Our aim is to actively foster environmental appreciation and awareness, both among our visitors, as well as among the staff and local inhabitants. By the selective and efficient use of natural resources, the use of local products and manpower, and low energy consumption, the Resort is an Eco lodge which offers accommodation and activities in a way that conserves the local environment and supports the local communities, socially and economically. For energy conservation purposes, electricity on the island runs only for several hours after sunset. The bungalows are built with mud brick, limestone rock from the oasis mountains, and salt extracted from Siwa’s lakes, and the palm thatched roofs provide that exotic and sustainable look that’s cohesive to the island. Furniture is constructed from reclaimed wood, as well as palm and olive trees, and local Siwian artifacts and decoration can be seen throughout the Resort. The Island’s architectural features, interiors, and bungalows are designed to embody the inner spirit of the Siwian culture while allowing nature to reign supreme